May 8, 2006: Progress


The cobbles are now complete; this weekend they brushed sand into the gaps, tamped down the whole yard again and then cleaned up. Today the built in, floating benches were well underway.


Here you can see how the 'floating' benches are anchored into the wall (you can also see the subtle tools of the trade).


This weekend marked a few milestones: the first time we got the car in the drive way in 2 months, the first time the dogs could go into the yard in two months, and we got are first plants in pots. These two citrus and planters were given to us by Mum and Dad on their recent visit. Dad finished the planters while he was working on the teak furniture (still residing in the garage). We lined them with plastic and planted them up on Sunday. Thanks Mum and Dad Taylor.

Monday, 8 May 2006 Comments (1)